Incumbents need to go

Congressman Mollohan from West Virginia was ousted in the primary election Tuesday, May 11, 2010.
The rest of the country needs to follow West Virginia’s lead and Vote out ALL INCUMBENTS. This is the only way to get rid of the status quo in Washington. This isn’t a matter of voting out the Dems but voting out the incumbents. It is time for change in Washington and the only way to achieve that is to get rid of those that have been in there for years. Both parties are responsible for the mess our country is in and the so-called health care reform was just the icing on the cake. Term limits have been proposed in almost every new congress and is swept aside by the incumbents never seeing the floor for a vote. If the voters keep the same old cronies from both parties in office then there will never be real change in Washington. It is time “We, the people” took back our government from special interests, lobbyists,corporation and bankers. Follow WV’s lead and get rid of the incumbents.

The incumbents from both parties must go and the voters and taxpayers in this country need to demand fiscal restraint. Our borrowing and deficit is out of control. Portugal and Spain recently had their ratings dropped after the Greece financial crisis. Greece has a deficit vs. GDP of 118 percent. Portugal’s debt is 86 percent of their GDP and they were downgraded. By the end of this year, the United States debt will be 92.6 percent of the GDP. What does this say for the US? We have yet to be downgraded because it would put the entire globe into economic crisis. The United States is close to bankruptcy and our government keeps on spending and borrowing. Bailout after bailout at taxpayer expense with the latest being Fannie Mae, who is seeking another $8.4 Billion in aid. The housing crisis has continued even with the bank bailouts and the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts. The banks are still foreclosing at record pace and the bailouts aimed at homeowners keeping their homes are not working. These agencies are keeping the money and investing it to make more money for themselves while the homeowners are kicked out. It seems that Washington thinks bailouts are the norm now. There are small businesses closing every day and they don’t receive help from the government so why should the bigger companies/corporations?

Government has to be held accountable and one way to succeed at this is to get rid of the incumbents. We need term limits today more than ever before. Every year, term limits are brought up by a newly elected member to Congress and each time the incumbents sweep it aside keeping it from reaching the floor for a vote. The incumbents do not want the new members in Congress to change the status quo. They enjoy the high life they are living with all of the perks at the expense of the taxpayer. Nothing will change until we get these incumbents from both parties out of office so that other members elected will realize that the people are now holding them accountable.
I for one am mad as hell at the political shenanigans of both parties. They do not seem to care what the people think or want. They do not seem to care about our country and the current shape it is in. They only seem to care about blaming each party, fighting with each party and having back room closed door meetings to ram through so-called reforms so they can give each other attaboys and pats on the back. It is time both parties work together and do what is best for the country or our country will be the next Greece and we will fall like Rome.

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