We need true reform and we need it now.

Welfare and social programs today are rampant with abuse. We need true welfare reform that requires stricter guidelines so people cannot make it a career.
If you are on welfare for longer than 12 months, you should undergo sterilization so that you cannot reproduce just to get more money. All welfare recipients should undergo drug testing and if tested positive, removed from the welfare rolls. Government workers need to be held accountable and actually enforce the rules and actively follow up with home visits to see who is actually living in the home and who is allowed to be there. The home visits should also be required for all people receiving HUD or rental assistance from the government and every visit should be unannounced. Medicaid recipients, especially those on welfare should be required to pay co-pays the same as working class people that have insurance. If our seniors are required to pay co-pays on their medicare, then medicaid recipients should have to as well, especially in the case of ems abuse. It is ridiculous that people are allowed to stay on the welfare rolls for years and years getting more money for breeding more children. Even with the so-called reform under Clinton, there is more incentive for these people to stay on welfare than there is to get off of welfare and it should be the other way around. Every welfare recipient should be required to perform community service, cleaning, painting, mowing, picking up trash, etc to actually earn this free money from the government and those with children already have government monies for child care when needed so that is not a problem. As a working class person, I get tired of seeing people on welfare wearing better clothes, driving better cars, better cell phones, big screen televisions, more food with better cuts of meat and overall living better than I do at the expense of me and every other working, taxpaying person in this country.

Do you have a career in Welfare?

Immigration needs to be dealt with by securing our borders, sending back ALL illegals, including the ones in prisons and requiring everyone to go through the legal steps of becoming a citizen.
The illegals in this country cost us billions every year and take away jobs from our citizens. It is said that these are jobs nobody else will do but how do we know, especially with unemployment near ten percent. Send the illegals back to where they came from whether Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian, European or whatever. It is a slap in the face to every person that came to our country legally and became a citizen. It is a further slap in the face for these illegals to fly their country’s flag in place of our flag. This is like spitting in our face. The illegals here that protest and march think that WE owe them and we do not. I applaud Arizona and their new law. If our federal government refuses to enforce the current laws then local governments need something to keep crime down in our communities. We do not need a half baked immigration reform law like we got with the so-called health care reform either. We need something that will help save our country billions of dollars annually and keep track of who comes and goes in our country, especially after 9/11.

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